Welcome to Fossane

Fossane is a farm beautifully situated between the mountains in Ryfylke on the south-west coast of Norway.

Have your holidays at Fossane with the entire family and have a great holiday experience!
You will stay in a traditional norwegian 100 year old house that is decorated as it was in the earlier days. With sheep at the farm you get a sense of rural life and you can bath in one of the beautifull bading places along the river with its waterfalls, rocks and tubs. You have our own waterpowerstation that generates the sustainable energy we use at our farm and in the houses.

The nature you find in Ryfylke, mirrors the nature of Norway. You find it all, from steep mountain sides to green fields, from wild rivers to clear waters, from deep fjords to groups of islands. The farm is situated in the village Vormedalen, 20 km from the county centre of Hjelmeland. It is one and a half hours away from the city of Stavanger.

Skomakernibbå, Ritlandskrateret and Eventyrskogen are som of the sites well worth a visit.

We are working on our english site, but we are not ready yet. Please have a look at the norwegian site for more information. You are very welcome to send us a message or phone us if you need some more information. We will gladly answer you at all of your questions.